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Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

3D Switches Keyboard

Keetronics has recently introduced 3D keys concept to the Membrane Keyboard market. This has done after a vast study of user requirements, where a user has to operate certain keys blindly or in dark. We have put epoxy domes on the flat Membrane overlay to have a great tactile feel and a excellent look to your product.

A dome shaped area of a shiny plastic is accurately placed on the flat Membrane Overlay, this crystal clear material supports the visual appearance and improves the readability even where there is a wide viewing angle. Following are the benefits to the user Extremely high Chemical and Mechanical durability of the keys. Creative aesthetic and exclusive design possibilities. Pleasant operator friendly keyboard with a excellent tactile feel. Faster data entry due to short travel of the keys with less operating pressure. The keys can be produced virtually in any shape and size and are best suited for the industrial applications also.


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Our Facilities To carry out our production process, we are bestowed with a high-tech manufacturing that is spread over a …

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