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Smart and functional automotive interior surfaces

In the today’s world of high-tech cars the customer demands for smart interior surfaces which are seamlessly integrated . The  controls ,display of information ,lighting and heating are integrated into a unified surface all this result in the top class surface harmonization within and across product zones such as instrument panel door trims , instrument […]
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Automotive Electronics and Its Innovations

When we hear about the role of automotive electronics in cars, the first thing that comes to our mind is different types of electronic systems used in automobiles such as; music system, safety airbags, & electronic controller. An automobile electronics mainly includes the headlight, LED brake light, etc. Every module used in an automobile is a modern electronic […]
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Membrane keypad

Enhancing Effectiveness of Membrane Keypad

A backlit membrane keypad is a type of membrane keypad incorporated as an internal layer that allows light to travel across the keypad areas without losing the keypad’s tactile feel on the user. In tactile feel, there is improved feeling of touch and the feel is perceived with clarity due to the button pops back […]
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what is a graphic overlay?

The graphic overlay is the top layer of a membrane switch. It is a flexible piece of plastic with printed image, display window and embossed keys on it. With different graphic overlays, we can divide the membrane switches into two types. One is the membrane switch panel, also known as the non tactile membrane switch. […]
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What is Membrane Keyboard?

A membrane keyboard is a keyboard where the keys are not separated, are covered by a transparent, soft plastic and have very little movement. Advantages of such a keyboard are portability as well as protection from damage and dirt. However, they are not widely popular because of inaccuracy and slow typing speed. Professionals generally prefer […]
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Our Facilities

Our Facilities To carry out our production process, we are bestowed with a high-tech manufacturing that is spread over a large area of 15,000 square feet. With massive installation capacity, we are capable of meeting specific and bulk requirements of our clients. The unit is equipped with all the advanced machines and tools that help […]
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