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Capacitive PC Keyboard

Capacitive Keyboard is a unique solution to the mechanical travel type keys, that has less actuation life due to the moving parts.

Especially in areas requiring high hygienic standards keyboards are a very critical factor. The keys and the spaces between them are focal points of attack for microbes of any kind. Keetronics make Capacitive 

Touch Keyboards (Touchmatik) for PC, has sealed interface of PM MA or Glass which has scratch resistant properties making the keyboard a perfect combination of elegant design and high level of hygiene with operating comfort.

Touchmatik is the perfect choice of a product designer as we can offer the product in customized shapes, colours and also a variety of overlay materials such as wood, glass, stone etc. 

This keyboard can also offer touch functionality on curved surfaces. Being flexible it can be easily mounted on any curved surface. Customization with printing your own logo on the keyboard makes it look as an integral part of the product. Capacitive Keypads can be integrated into any type of machine, regardless of the interface size. This keyboard can be produced in variety of language layouts to make it suitable for the users all around the world . 

The capacitive keys are long-lasting technology which guarantees long life and high reliability. It also has an additional integrated feature for complete keyboard locking (press ctrl & fn together) which secures the keypad from any vandalization and also enables cleaning of the keypad in on-condition. The keyboard comes with sturdy and attractive IRS moulded enclosure, also it can be supplied without the enclosure for direct mounting on your panel. The glass surface of the keyboard can be cleaned with normal cleaning and fighting agents. The chemical resistance of all the glass surfaces may vary depending on the concentration of the solution and a particular environmental conditions, we therefore recommend that you carefully check your cleaning and disinfecting agent to see how they affect the glass surfaces.


Access our Capacitive PC Keyboard product brochure below to explore our extensive range.
Capacitive CT43B

Capacitive KC43

Capacitive Keyboard with Haptics


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