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Capacitive Switches With Gesture


A touchpad or trackpad is a pointing device, a specialized surface that can translate the motion and position of a user’s fingers toa relative position on the operating system that is made output to the screen. Power efficiency of any application is improved with an “idle mode,” where the touchpad’s current draw is reduced when a finger is not touching its surface.

This touchpad is compatible with both USB a n d Bluetooth protocol. T h e only jumper setting f o r selecting mode operation user has to change jumper setting before power ON.

Jumper connected – USB mode, Jumper Not connected – Bluetooth mode. We provide customize advance gesture operation likes Rotate, Edge swipe, One/Two finger scroll.

Left Click – Click on touchpad for left button operation.
Double Click – Double click on touchpad for double click operation.
Click & Drag – Click on touchpad and move finger.
Right Click – Click with two figure on touchpad for right button operation.
Scroll Up/Down – Slide two fingers up and down on touchpad for scroll operation.
Zoom In/Out – Pinch your thumb and finger open or closed to zoom in or out operation.



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