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The 84 key’s keyboard with built-in touchpad. The touchpad has two finger Gesture Operation. This Keyboard Specially designed for industrial keyboard with waterproof, washable, rigid and rugged features.
The user can select USB or Bluetooth mode output option. The user has to change jumper setting before power ON.

USB Mode – Jumper J5 Close, Bluetooth Mode – Jumper J5 Open.
USB Mode – Connect USB cable to PC USB Port then keyboard power LED ON.
Bluetooth Mode – Connect rechargeable battery. Slide switch is used for ON/OFF Keyboard Power.
Bluetooth Status green LED blink then keyboard is in paring mode. Bluetooth Status green LED ON then keyboard is paired with PC or any Bluetooth device.
Bluetooth Pairing – Open setting – Select devices Bluetooth – click on add Bluetooth device then
select Bluetooth and add ‘Keyboard’ device.
Battery Charging – Slide switch position at down side and connect USB cable to PC USB Port. Battery
Status Red LED ON – battery charging Indication, battery status green LED ON – battery fully charged.

Touchpad With Gesture Operations
Left Click – Click on Touchpad.
Double Click – Double Click on Touchpad.
Right Click- Click with two finger on Touchpad.
Two finger Scroll – Slide two fingers up and down to scroll.
Pinch to Zoom – Pinch your thumb and finger open or closed to zoom in or out operation.
Click and Drag



Industry standard size.
USB compatibility.
Bluetooth v4.2 compatibility.
Plug and Play.
Low power consumption.
On board switch for Left and Right button operation.
Two finger gesture detection.
Jumper setting for selection of USB or Bluetooth.
Windows compatible no additional driver required.
Power SW – PC Shut down command.
3.7V Li-Ion battery charging.


Keyboard – 84 key’s with Touchpad.
Interface – USB or Bluetooth (802.15.1).
Bluetooth Range – 10M.
Dimension – 340(L) x 135(W) mm.
Voltage – 2.5V to 5.5V.
Working current: < 50mA.
Charge current: <1A
Battery – 3.7V Li-lon Battery.
Protection level: IP68.
Life – 1 Million switches operation.
Temperature – -40 to 85° Celsius.


Industrial keyboard.
Medical instruments.
PC Peripheral.
Keyboard for Android Phone/Tab/iPad
Keyboard /Mouse alternative.