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Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Medical Devices Keyboard

The growing use o computer and electronics in the field of medicine and general healthcare has created a demand for specialized computer input devices. To meet this increasing demand Keetronics a long with, the partnership with Neodes a award winning design company have been manufacturing membrana keyboard with various features required to this industry.

Advance Input Devices, Funcational Electronics & Touch Electrical Swithches

Keetronics has launched Keyboards with anti – microbial film. Which is used on the front graphic of the input device, this Helps to kill the bacteria and thus the user control panel can be disinfected without great efforts.

Since 1994, Keetronics has earred and enviable reputation for :he design and manufacturer of input devices providing tne highest qualty and reliabily for many diverse markets, Together with the help of
Neodes (a M.D.A. gold award winning company) Keetroncs is qualified to meet the challenges of the medical electronics sector.

At Keetronics we are able to offer a end to end solution for the user interface required for the medical equipments, with the help of the long experienced and dedicated team members. Whatever your input requirements, backed up with more than 18 years experience team and our ISO 9001:2008 approvals. we aim to ensure you receive, the solution you, require, on time and in budget.


How we can help you

Using our expertise in this field , we can offer a  technically competeant user interface, with Cost effective soluicns, without compromising on quality. Special ass stance for diverse and special context. Attenton to fine details like.

• Key pitch to avoid accidental press
• Better tactile feel while using gloves in emergency situation
• Aesthic appeal and right colours to get consistency and convey the right meaning.
• Optimized pressure foc a key contact without applying more pressure.
• Illuminate° user interface for easy accesibality in dark rooms.
• 3D keys for a crsip tactile feel and advantage of operating the device with gloves
• Highly reliable contacts, with the use of Duraswitch technology and gold plated PCBs.
• Anti Microbial input device for easy disinfection , specially in OT.

Case Studies

Keetronics has developed a user console for a ciritcal device, such as Linac machine, tnis is used to treat the paitent with Cancer. This console has been specially designed for the Company called SAMMER at Mumbai.
Keetronics has been producing user interfaces for X-Ray machine,ECG machine, Ultrasound and other devices manufactured by Companies like GE Healthcare and Philips.
Keetronics manufacturers Customised Membrane Keyboards which are widely used in the following Medical equipments

Cardiac equipments like ECG Machine 
X Ray / Imaging Machines
Dental Chairs
Neonatal Equipments
Opntamalogy Equipments.
Cancer Treatment Machines
Pathology Equipments


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