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PC Compatible Keyboard (84 Keys with Touch Mouse )

Keetronics make 84 T keyboards are built to withstand the harsh environment and abuse on the shop floors. The overlay is made up of hard coated polyester with textured surface, which can be cleaned easily, as there are not crevices in between the keys. The enclosure is made up of thermo setting plastic which can sustain vandalism.
The keyboard withstand the IP65 test parameters. The keys are of Stainless steel material which can withstand operations up to 1 million operations. The printing doesn’t were out as it has been done from the reverse side.
The integrated touch pad from cirque, is completely sealed under the overlay which extends the life of the keyboard.
The keyboard can be customized the overlay and the layout of the key locations to meet the specific need of the user.


Optional Features

EMI / RFI shielding with Aluminum foil / Conductive mesh.
Degree of Protection
(Front Side) : IP 55, IP 65.
Ultra Violet, hard coated window.
Display only when lit, window.
SMD Components, such as LED’s, Resistors, Capacitors & Multipin Ic’s.
Relegendable pockets for inserting customised legends.
Embossing, Round Triangular, Square shapes possible.
Phosphorescent Lightening.

Excellent Features

Best for Industrial & Medical Environments.
Attractive designed enclosure.
Protected against liquids & dust (IP 55, IP 65 front side)
PS2/5 Pin DIN/RS232 Interface available.
LEDs can be provided Power On/Num/Scroll/Caps Lock.
Excellent tactile feedback, with metal domes.
Audio feedback, for keys.(Feature at Extra Cost)
Highly reliable software & hardware.


Factory Automation
Note Book PC
Toll Collection Centers
Portable Devices
Point of Sale Terminal (POS)