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Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ergonomically designed and produced …

Smart solutions to operate electrical smart switches

Bringing your idea’s to reality

In the recent years we have seen a lot of new technologies emerging in the in user interface domain. But when it comes to its use in the critical applications like medical instruments defence devices and are functioning in harsh environments

Using our expertise in the field of product designing, we can offer technically competent, user interface with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Special assistance can be provided for fine details like. Key pitch to avoid accidental press. Aesthetic appeal and right colours to get consistency and convey the right meaning.

Embedded system controls many automation devices that are commonly used in today’s day to day life. Embedded technology provides the optimisation of size reduction with the cost-effective solution offering a highly reliable quality product it allows the design of highly intelligent techniques to meet its application beyond expectation.
At Keetronics we can offer economically designed and sturdy enclosure made by RIM process .These enclosures are very well suited for average production quantity and the die cost involved in this is minimal.

We are Leading Manufacturer of Customized Input Devices And Printed Electronics

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Capacitive PC Keyboard


Programmable Keyboard

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Membrane Keyboards

Our services are based on emerging technologies , practices and latest innovation and development, in the field of engineering of Input devices domain.
Our products in medical sector comply with the stringent standards of ISO13485 which includes right from PCB designing ,soldering of components ,assembly of products and final testing ,with this aspect utmost care is taken to ensure that the product is durable and highly reliable in the harshest environment.

Key features:

End to end solutions with controlled production processes and standards compliances.
Appealing aesthetic look for the front graphic with a large range of overlay materials.
Compact design eliminating unnecessary space and cost.
Technical expertise for design develop meant and manufacturing of enclosures.
Highly reliable & proven embedded solutions for total customer satisfaction.

Capacitive Keyboards

Capacitive Keyboard is a unique solution to the mechanical travel type keys, that has less actuation life due to the moving parts. These keyboards can be operated by a simple touch of a finger. The front facial can be produced on Glass, Film, Wood or any non-conductive surface.

Printed Electronics

Keetronics has entered into new and innovative domain called “Printed Electronics”, its a emerging industry where we see a perfect amalgamation of two fields, Printing Technology and Electronics. With this new technology, we can produce Printed Sensors, Printed Heaters, Printed Batteries and many more products.


Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches are a range of soft, single touch electrical switches designed to complement & cater to the modern living and refined taste of our customers. The immaculate & classy Touchmatik products are a result of thoughtful designs, exquisite craftsmanship. 

Capacitive PC Keyboard

Capacitive Keyboard is a unique solution to the mechanical travel type keys, that has less actuation life due to the moving parts.

Especially in areas requiring high hygienic standards keyboards are a very critical factor. The keys and the spaces between them are focal points of attack for microbes of any kind. Touch Keyboards (Touchmatik) for PC, has sealed interface of PM MA or Glass which has scratch resistant properties making the keyboard a perfect combination of elegant design and high level of hygiene with operating comfort.

Programmable Keyboard

Keetronics make keyboard encoder make it easy to connect any combination (up to 144 keys) of key
matrix to any make of PC, it can be easily replaced with the standard travel type keyboard. These keyboards are ideal for use, in limited data entry application, the sealed surface is resistant against liquid. Dust & many other material, used in the industrial. Any PC keyboard code can be assigned to a also you can have your own custom legend for user friendly application. These keyboards are available in 4 standard key combinations with & without touch mouse feature.

Metallic Keyboard
Robust, attack resistant keypads for use in the most exposed and hostile public environments. Designed and constructed to ensure rapid and reliable data entry in most challenging applications. Ideal use in a wide range of industrial, commercial and public applications.
Travel Keyboards
These keys are similar to the keys we find in the PC keyboard, the advantage is the long travel and ease of operation. The actuation force required for these key is less and hence it is most suitable for fast entry applications like cash registers in restaurant and on Toll Plazas.

Duraswitch High Impact Keyboards

The high impact construction utilizes a layer of rubber over the tip of the crown of the armature to prevent damage to the switch. Still maintains crisp, consistent, tactile fee Easily environmentally sealed Available with removable overlay.

Experienced Employees

150+ employees with years of work experience.

Transparent processing

100% transparency in process and reporting.

Timely Deliveries

All our projects are delivered on or before time, marking us as the best in industry for timely deliveries.

Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Is a fast growing company that specializes in manufacturing PCF & PCB membrane Switches, Customised Computer Keyboards with the latest Duraswitch and Capactive technology, for the past 30+ years.


We are proud to have some of the most well-known and respected corporate clients – but we love to help start-ups and new brands too. We aren’t just talk. We are in the game, in a big way, and are ready to partner with you.