Keetronics founding brought together renowned experts in the fields of Printing and Electronics technology. As the global technology leader in the field of PCB (Printed Circuit boards) and PCF (Printed Circuit Films) based Membrane switches and Functional Printed Electronics, we are helping to shape a best HUMAN-MACHINE interface. Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing
company that specialises in manufacturing
PCB & PCF membrane Switches, Keyboards
Medical : Antimicrobial, easy to clean and operate
panels for Medical Devices
Railways: Vandalism prrof, rugged, sealed and
ergonomically appealing user interface's for devices
made for Railway's
Defence : Rugged, environmentally sealed and
ergonomically appealing user interface's for
Equipment's made for Defence use.
Industries: Aesthetically and ergonomically designed
solutions for Industrial products.
Automation: Customized solutions to meet
the specific need of various Special Purpose Machines.
Hospitality: A special range of products,
designed for use in the hospitality industry.