Metallic/Vandal Proof Keyboards

Keetronics manufactures, Ruggedized keyboards with the base a Stainless Steel, which has resistance to knives, pens, any chemical and virtually any other type of abuse where either vandalism or whether is a major concern in design.

Keetronics make Ruggesdised keyboards, will sustain the harsh environments, like public Kiosks. These keyboards are made using metal key technology which protects the keys from inside vandalism , the gold plated contact ensures the perfect contact and can meet the ingress protection requirements if proper mounting care is taken.

Key cap legends are laser engraved which protects the from abrasion. The features are benefited when the keyboards are used in harsh environments like Fuel storage yards, Fuel dispensing machines.

Keetronics offers Computer Compatible keyboards with a metallic track ball for unparalleled performance and durability. Touch pad can be integrated instead of track ball , which is provided in partner ship with Cirque, USA.

Customised designs are welcome, to meet the specific need of the user. The keys are offered in two versions, embossed type and flat type, to fulfill the user requirement in terms of esthetics.

Keetronics also, offer metal keyboards with Stainless steel overlays, which makes them extremely protective from any ingress and adds esthetic value to the product.

Illumination to provided for the boarders with the use of high quality LEDS, from Kingbright, Taiwan.


  • Public interactive Kiosks.
  • Interactive ATM
  • Fuel Dispensing Pumps.
  • Harsh Environments.

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