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Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Customised front overlays

Keetronics offers customized from overlays to meet the aesthetics’ requirement of any electronic instruments. In these overlays, there is no switch, but there are various cutouts for the Electronic components like Emergency switch, rotary switches, transparent windows for the LCD or LED displays. A wide range of material with or without texture, antriglare finish and low cost polycarbonate options are available. The overlay is provided with a high quality adhesive to bond perfectly with the base plates. Customer can define the choice of colours as per the Pantone or RAL shade card. Please note that the colours cannot be matched 100 % to the expectations, and the cost of matching the colours is extra. We have colour matching machine, which can match the values, but the colour may look slightly different, in visual inspection.



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